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One of the cooler gigs I've been part of.  Not the biggest venue I've played, but it was a good night and the guys in the band are top notch.  No, we are not Dr. Strangeglove or whatever.  We just weren't allowed to take the sign down.
Friggin ferns man.  I tell you, they were everywhere and all over the place
ya, I like sailing.  Like.... alot!!  When I win the lottery.....hooo boy.
I used to run my subaru in the rallycross races.   Now, I run a '97 neon.
Although I don't do it enough, I sometimes go on motorbike trips and stare at rain clouds.
It has been said that I look awesome at the helm of a sailing vessel.  I should know... I said it.
This is me just returning from space where I single handedly averted disaster by blowing up a meteor the size of texas.